Game Processing

Thank you for choosing Watauga Butchery to process your deer this season. Due to the high demand in the area, labor and staffing constraints, and our obligation to our other inspected and exempt livestock customers, deer processing will have a different format than in previous years. Watauga Butchery retains the right to refuse or turn away any deer.  In order to ensure a wholesome product is returned to you, we will inspect all deer before they enter. We will be looking for signs of spoilage or rot as well as general cleanliness of your harvest.  We will not accept skin on deer, this is to ensure the cleanliness and safety of all deer and livestock that Watauga Butchery processes.  A single deer may take up to 4-6 weeks to process.  This is to ensure that you get your deer back, and that we may provide this service to as many hunters as we can, while also honoring the commitments to our local livestock farmers.  Once your deer is processed you will have 7 days to schedule a pick up with Watauga Butchery. After 7 days, we will charge a 5/day fee for non picked up deer. In the event that a deer is determined to be abandoned (30 days), we will donate it to one of the programs designed to feed the less fortunate. We here at Watauga Butchery thank you for your understanding and working with us this hunting season, and wish you the best. Deer Processing Cut Sheet  

Watauga Butchery Game Processing